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Welcome Snow

Welcome.For anyone who still visits this site or knows about us will wonder what the hell has happend to you lot? well quite a lot james had a major injury on his arm and doesnt really ride any more plus he is at uni. karl moved to spain but is back in the country again now,but also doesnt really ride plus no one has seen him for ages!!! Matt has just stoped riding but you will more than likly see him out and about than any of us. as for me i dont have a bike plus got in loads of money problems but am looking to ride again but not like i used to but i will keep you updated. cheers on behalf of the x-dream team. Dave

hay guys good news me and james have had a meeting (well night out drinking) and we have talked about getting the dust off the bikes and starting again so i will keep you posted


What's New?

well i will be doing some more stuff in the way of bikes.anyone that know us will know that we dont just do trials we ride bmx,xc,downhill,freeride etc.so i will be doing more stuff to the website
vote for us at biketrials.com we are xdream demo team